How to fix the issues while sending an AOL mail?

Are you having issues while sending an AOL mail? Or you’ve been trying to send an AOL mail but due to some reasons you’ve been encountering some difficulties. But you’ve got no need not to worry at all because there is an adage which says; worrying about a problem is just a narrow rush of terror across the mind. Therefore, in this article I’ll provide some guidelines on how to fix the issues that occur while sending an AOL mail.

Meanwhile, some AOL mail issues can easily be corrected or resolved just with the aid of troubleshooting while some issues needs to be resolved by an AOL mail technician. In case you are having troubles on while sending an AOL mail, then all you have to do is to follow the guidelines which I’ve highlighted below on how to the issues while sending an AOL mail.

Contact Aol Support

Guides on how to fix issues that occur while sending an AOL mail.

  • Restart your PC: In case you are having difficulties on sending an AOL mail, the first thing to do at that point in time is to restart your PC. Not in all cases that this will work, but it helps at times. But if peradventure this doesn’t work, then do not hesitate to take the next step below.
  • Use a different browser: if after restarting your computer and the problem still persist; I’d suggest that you use another browser entirely. Reason is that in some cases, the AOL mail might not be supported on the browser which you might have been using earlier. Therefore, try to use a different browser.
  • Verify your display name: In most cases when an AOL message is unable to send, it might be due to some settings itself. Therefore, you need to check out for whichever setting you might have set on the AOL mail. However, verifying your display name is very important as it might have been changed by someone else or you may be having multiple display names on your settings and this will hinder you from sending a message on AOL mail.
  • Clean up your cache history: If after restarting your PC, using a different browser and verifying your display name and the problem still persist; then do not hesitate to empty your cache history. By emptying your cache folder, you’re automatically resetting your browser and by so doing you’ve cleared all unwanted piece of info on your browse.
  • Deactivate pop-up software blocker: in other to be able to send an AOL mail successfully, you have to make sure you disable the software that block pop-up. Software such as anti-virus etc.
  • Deactivate firewall: as we know that firewall secures the network traffic of a computer, therefore in this case we have to deactivate the firewall by using of software known as McAfee Internet Security Suite.
Aol Helpline Number

If after following the guidelines stated above and the problem still persists, then you have to call their helpline so that your complaint would be resolved by an AOL customer service support executive. In case you are not aware of the AOL helpline number, you can find it from google.

In conclusion, I would like to make it known to the users about the benefits AOL customer service provide to their customers. They are trusted and reliable due to the fastest service which they render for everyone using their service. As we are quite sure that; the only way by which a company can grow successfully is to be able to reach up to the expectations of the customers on a large scale. Thank for taking your time to read this article and I hope that it ends up being helpful.

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